August 27, 2013

Dear son..

Adam Qaiser came to me this morning wearing that thing on his head. I surely do not know what it called. With his cheeky face, he asked me whether i am in good health or not.

AQ: Mummy demam ke????

I looked at him and said that i am Ok, tak demam. There was a sad face when he heard me saying i am ok. So, i change my answer immediately, because i know he wanted to play something with me.

Mummy: Oh... Mummy rasa demam lah sikit.. (i give him a sad face like i am really sick)

He quickly give me a smile and put his hand on my forehead and said:

AQ: Demam ke? Adam doctor tau! Mummy tamau takut yeh.. Adam cucuk sikiiitttt aje!

Slowly he grab my arms and give me a kiss before asking me to turn on my back so that he can give me some injection.

I smile.. if you could see my heart at that time, it was full of flowers and i am really thankful. So, i think, i should write him a note.

Dear son,
I am really glad that you have a good heart
I am proud of you when you are ambitious
I know you enjoy helping people and always want to help others

Mummy want you to know that
I will never force you to be anybody
Certainly not

I hope one day you realized that
You can be a good man by being YOU
You are a good son, by being yourself

Tak kira apa kerja Adam buat
Tak kira apa yang Adam nak jadi
As long as you carry a good heart inside
You are going to be good to all

Ada banyak kerja dalam dunia
Carilah kerja yang Adam suka buat
Ada banyak duit dalam dunia
Carilah duit yang halal

Rezeki Allah itu luas
Tak pernah terbatas hanya dengan sesetengah perkara

Asalkan boleh bernafas
Asalkan ada makan minum
Boleh nikmati dunia seadanya
Adam mesti bahagia

Bila Mummy tua
Cukup dengan kasih sayang kita
My prayers will accompany your every pace
My blessing will be with your every breath

Allah is there
His love and bless will fill every empty spaces you have

Jadi jangan pernah rasa kosong
You are miracle by being yourself

Love you,
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