October 31, 2009

30 mins to 25th years

Actually i dont have much to say. As today i'm actually supposed to sleep all day long just like what i did for every Saturday before, BUT, recieved sms from big boss to come to the office doin some work, very urgent he said. So, i've spent like 1 day just to finished up everything. Unfortunately, the task still haven't finish yet :( banyak laa...mane boleh buat sorang. I'm not an octopus tau tak. ade banyak tangan. Haish! Hate it..

Fiancee had class today, asked him to accompany me at the office after he finished class at about 630pm..then, we decided to have a dinner together since tomorrow is my birthday :) i alrealy collect my baju2 kurung at my tailor kat Bukit Tinggi. My fav tailor tu. Sangat cantik and sedap pakai. Jahitan pun kemas, Butik Sufiya :) Near Jusco Bukit Tinggi. They are also a wedding planner. But so far, taknak buat kat sana for my wedding :)

Oh, lupa, i got my birthday present already, from Fiancee. Akan storey2 about the present tomorrow la, sebab nak upload gambar, tak boleh pulak. Memory card reader aku mane tah la. Tensen betullah! My bffs memang akan buat2 mcm sengal2, tak wish...tak ape sume..confirm.haha dah tau dah..elelelelele...nak surprise lah tu? like what all of you did last year, dah nak 2hb baru nak wish aku kan?? wahahahah dah tau dah..(oh?boleh ke aku perangai mcm ni?) ekekekkeke

Ermm..actually, this year mcm agak happy, excited and a lil bit sedey jugak.. (tak tau nak letak smiley ape..haha) Happy sebab i'm already 25, a big girl, with a big dream, quarter century is a long journey, and i am really glad, i still have every single person whom i love so much by my side... Excited pulak, sebab.....i'm getting married, this gonna be my last birthday as "single"... :)

Sedey? the excitement of getting married, of cos laa sedey sgt, coz, after this year, i may not gonna have time for my besties...sekarang pun tak spend masa sgt, semua kerja..busy all the time...kalau dah kawin..?? ermm...lagi laa...i will always miss my past time with them. 25 is actually my last number of being soooooo gila2 like this. Next year gonna be tough, gonna be harder than thos year, and of cos, next year, when i turn to 26, on 1st Nov,2010, i will write different story, different rythem from what i write now.. =

i'm gonna miss my 25 years of being single...gonna miss my happy hour with my besties.. ermm...ikut birth date, nani kakak sulong..hahah gee kak ngah..hahaha, aku kak chik..ekekke oh??? EMY???? BONGSU??? yg bongsu kan selalu besar dr adik beradik lain..ekkekekek :)) betul lah tu...i love all of you...dan semua yg pernah ade dlm hidup aku, yg same2 gelak2, suka2, sedey2, thanks for being there..whenever i need any of you.. :)

To my Fiancee, esok i write about what you gave me ya! you always :)

Opppss...hoping the clock stop ticking...another 9 mins to midnite...hahahah nak tido laa

Gud nite readers!

5 ideas:

Nani Jauneh

muax muax!!!!!! LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! oh, aku rasa sedih sb kmu dah nk kawen..........


itu laa..setiap kali aku rase main dekat..aku rase main jauh pulak dgn kamu, gee and emy..ermm... :(

Nani Jauneh

eh pelissssssss...tade maknanya. mcm la kmu nk berhijrah g bangladesh?? we still can hang out le!! takkan wan x kasi! aku cepok nnti!!


kamu kan da janji w/pun kawen, ttp nak meng'WILD'kan diri.. hoho.. on jew la.. l/pun wantutree dah knl kebaikan kitorang yg mmg terserlah ni.. hahhaha


memuji diri sendiri..sgt tak bley blah!!!!!!!!!!! *sepakbffgsampaiKT*

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